Our Vision and Targeted Issues


We envision changing our community, nation and the world for the betterment of everyone; where there is Social, Economic, Environmental Justice and Equality for ALL.


1. Police Brutality
2. False Imprisonment
3. Racial Profiling
4. Mass Incarceration
5. Mental Illness Among the Incarcerated
6. Mental Illness Behind Bars
7. Abuse of Inmates
8. Change Outlandish Sentencing Laws
9. Mental Health Providers in Conjunction with Community Policing
10.More Social Workers in the School System to catch issues of our
youth at home before they become a statistic
11. Veteran inmates to be transferred to Veteran Court if they qualify
12. Stop the Judicial System from putting inmates records on HOLD
so they can’t make bail, when they have not been violated nor
convicted of a crime
13. Make it a requirement that ALL repeat Offenders get a Mental
Health Assessment
14. Re-entry back to Society
Lobby for the Judicial System to Rehabilitate or Prepare a person
for their return to the community; prepare for life outside of the
walls of prison
15. Poverty
17. Accountability
21. Education
22. Pay Equity
23. Livable Wages
24. Healthy Environment to live, learn, and work