Our Purpose

To Defend the Truth, while Standing on the Promises of Freedom and Justice for ALL.

We are a Christian Social Non-Violent Organization. Our Nonviolent Movement is for Social Change. The National Association of Black Defenders, Inc. stands for the Truth and on the Truth for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice for ALL.

“Defending the Truth, while Standing on the Promises.”

The Promises of Freedom and Justice for all have not been met.

We have to first come together as a people and understand the course of Justice and what is taking place.

We recognize the social unrest in our Country.

We recognize our Society has a problem.

We recognize we don’t have a fair Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice System in the United States of America.

We want to DEFEND and give a hand up for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice and REBUILD the wall, targeting issues such as:

>> Criminal Justice and Prison Reform

>> Human Rights

>> Police Brutality

>> False Imprisonment

>> Racial Profiling

>> Community Policing with Mental Health Co-Responders

>> Re-Entry Back into Society

>> Poverty

>> Discrimination

>> A Healthy Environment in which to live, learn and work

>> Livable Wages

>> Pay Equity

>> Equality in Employment, Healthcare, Housing, Education, and Accountability

This is a Nonviolent Movement for saving lives and making a footprint for Justice. However, we have to understand Justice ourselves. Therefore, we have to educate.

The enemy might have changed his tricks but we are going to use the same strategies that were used in the 60s.

How are we to be effective in this modern-day Nonviolent Movement and not destroy anything?

IT IS STILL THROUGH LOVE...The only way we can REBUILD is to use LOVE!!!

“Infiltrate the Nation with LOVE - We will REBUILD this Nation with LOVE.”

Our System is broken, and until we fix the problem, we can’t move forward.

What Has Happened?

What has happened is that our spirits and mindsets have been disturbed.

We have to step outside of our comfort zone and be willing vessels like Nehemiah to REBUILD the Wall … that which is broken! It is a beautiful thing when people work together for a COMMON CAUSE.

If we make one step, God will make another.

From the PULPIT to the DOOR, we need LEADERSHIP and WILLING VESSELS to get in the HEARTS of the PEOPLE to let folks know we are not going to take this anymore!!!

It is timeout for passing the buck!

We need LEADERS and PASTORS to come out of the PULPIT and get on the FRONTLINE to help us in this Nonviolent Movement for Social Change!

Because we are up against the MINDSET!

The mindset has to be changed!

Until we can get that mindset...Until we can penetrate that mindset!

Change has to take place on the inside before it takes place on the outside. We have to start loving our own COMMUNITY first, then that love will expand to the outside.

We want to Educate Law Enforcement Officers on how to deal with our people.

We want to Educate our people about our Rights.

We want to Equip and Build our people toward Reformation.

We have to move expeditiously on this NONVIOLENT MOVEMENT!

One of our goals is to have FOOT SOLDIERS in all 50 States.

We need Foot Soldiers that are going to have the right message at hand. Social distancing may have separated us from the PHYSICAL but not the SPIRITUAL.

Jesus said, “Lo I will be with you always, even until the end of the world.”

We are working to get to the other side...because we want to hear Him say, we fought a good FIGHT, we kept the FAITH!

Join in with us in this non-violent movement for Social Change, as we REBUILD and GROW.

What Has Happened?

Our Vision and Targeted Issues

We envision changing our community, nation, and the world for the betterment of everyone; where there is Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice and Equality for ALL.
1. Police Brutality
2. False Imprisonment
3. Racial Profiling
4. Mass Incarceration
5. Mental Illness Among the Incarcerated
6. Mental Illness Behind Bars
7. Abuse of Inmates
8. Change Outlandish Sentencing Laws
9. Mental Health Providers in Conjunction with Community Policing
10. More Social Workers in the School System to catch issues of our youth at home before they become a statistic
11. Veteran inmates are to be transferred to Veteran Court if they qualify
12. Stop the Judicial System from putting inmate's records on HOLD so they can’t make bail, when they have not been violated nor
convicted of a crime
Our Vision and Targeted Issues

13. Make it a requirement that ALL repeat Offenders get a Mental Health Assessment
14. Re-entry back to Society
Lobby for the Judicial System to Rehabilitate or Prepare a person for their return to the community; prepare for life outside of the
walls of the prison
15. Poverty
16. Discrimination
17. Accountability

18. Employment
19. Healthcare
20. Housing
21. Education
22. Pay Equality
23. Livable Wages
24. Healthy Environments in which to live, learn, and work

Our Declaration

I Declare on this day, June 5, 2020, we will take up the reign of the National Association of Black Defenders, Inc., for Social Change and Economic and Environmental Justice. To bring change for our people, even those on the streets. Please Stand behind our Leadership.

~ Dr. Michael McCorvey Sr., President NABD

Our Declaration

National Association of Black Defenders Inc.
Empowering Equality, Advancing Justice Together

Tammie McCorvey

Chief Executive Officer

Tammie McCorvey is a Westside Atlanta Charter School for Intervention & Learning Support teacher. She now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of The National Association of Black Defenders Inc. From the classroom to executive leadership,  her commitment is to advancing social justice and equity. With a background in education and a passion for advocacy, Tammie brings a pragmatic and determined approach to her role, aiming to effect meaningful change in the fight for civil rights. Through her leadership, The National Association of Black Defenders Inc. strives to address systemic issues and empower marginalized communities nationwide.