National Association of Black Defenders

A Nonviolent Movement for Social Change

This is a Movement for Social Change. Awareness of people so we can have some direction in the midst of what is going on. We need more of a sense of direction in place; have to understand the issues in order to understand the mindset.

In order for us to bring Justice, we have to understand Justice ourselves. The enemy might have changed his tricks, but we have to use the same strategies that were used in the 1960s.

Infiltrate the Nation - We can rebuild this Nation with Love.

~ Dr. Michael McCorvey Sr.
President National Association of Black Defenders, Inc.


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National Association of Black Defenders Inc.
Empowering Equality, Advancing Justice Together

Dr. Michael McCorvey, Sr.


Dr. Michael McCorvey is an entrepreneur, and many communities around the globe for his fight against Social and Economic Injustice. Dr. McCorvey is the Former National Director & Board Chairman of Outreach Of America Inc, an organization set to offer Economic Social Justice in America among leaders and economists to inspire leaders to grab hold of rural America and enrich it through job placement and providing business opportunities.
He currently serves as the President/CEO of Global Management Investments, LTD, which is also a company that employs small & minority businesses to receive federal contracts and train business leaders in Business Development, Procurement, and Critical Thinking.
Dr. McCorvey holds several degrees in his field and certifications such as the American Management Association in Marketing & Development, Project Management, and Project Engineering.

Effective today, Dr. Michael McCorvey will be stepping down from his position as CEO/President of the National Association of Black Defenders. We extend our sincerest gratitude to Dr. McCorvey for his dedicated service and leadership during his tenure.

Dr. McCorvey will continue to contribute his expertise and passion as a Human Rights Consultant. His invaluable insights and guidance will remain accessible through our New York office.

We encourage you to direct any inquiries, assistance, or messages to the Executive Board of Directors at our National Office in New York.

They will ensure that all matters are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Additionally, should there be any developments or matters requiring attention from the National Association of Black Defenders, please direct your inquiries to Herman LeVern Jones. Mr. Jones will handle all matters in a professional and timely manner.

He can be reached at 786-580-7389.

Furthermore, we remain committed to supporting Dr. McCorvey

in his wellness efforts and ensuring his continued health.

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About the National Association of Black Defenders: The National Association of Black Defenders, Inc., is a national network of advocates, attorneys, and leaders dedicated to defending the rights of African Americans and other minority communities. NABD works tirelessly to advance civil rights, fight against systemic racism, and promote social justice through advocacy, education, and legal services.

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National Association of Black Defenders
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